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How much time should I allow in my schedule for hair & makeup?

It varies on the amount of styling and application. For the bride alone, hair and makeup will take around two hours. Bridesmaids and mothers should also plan between one and two hours.


What products do you use for hair & makeup?

I pride myself in using the best products from the top lines such as MakeUp Fovever, MAC, Benefit to name a few. For your hair schwarzkopf, Wella, Babyliss Pro... I use only the highest quality products suitable for all skin types. However, if you prefer me to use your own products, I will. 


What if my mom, my mother-in-law, and my bridesmaids want professional hair and makeup too? How large of a group can you handle?

I can accommodate a group of 3 for hair and makeup services! Depending on the time of your ceremony or your photoshooting.


What about a trial?

I usually don't do trial as most of the time people come to Bora bora for just a few days and they don't want to spend their time doing trials. I usually work with photos, trust and creation. If you would prefer to have a trial let's do it and get in touch with me!


Is gratuity included in my service charge?

No, the gratuity in French Polynesia is entirely up to you. It is not expected but certainly welcomed.


How do i proceed for the payment?

Depending of the Hotel you will be staying at but most of the time it will be charge through your Hotel.


What if I want a style change between my ceremony and my photoshooting? What about touch ups for pictures?

I can certainly provide hair and makeup assistance throughout your wedding day for style changes or touch ups during photos. I will be present for as many hours as you need, beginning when your initial bridal style is complete. This type of service can be reserved separately and is billed on an hourly basis.


What about false lashes?

False lashes are a great accent to add that extra “pop” to your eyes in your photos when your natural lashes just don’t really stand out. False lashes photograph very well, and can be applied differently according to how much drama you want to add. There are many different styles of false lash strips, and they are available in smaller sections and single lashes as well if you prefer more of a natural look. I can provide individual eyelashes but if you want strips I would advice you to have your own eyelashes with you.


Can you travel to different islands?

Yes i can travel elsewhere than Bora Bora. An extra travelling fee will be added and a deposit required.


I don't really know where to start. Do you have any tips to help me?


Tip #1

The humidity we have here in French Polynesia is pretty high so be careful in your hairstyle choice. Loose curls won't last as long here. Take into consideration winds and outdoor conditions for your perfect hairstyle choice!

Tip #2

Avoid sunburn! Use sunblock and stay out of the sun. Applying foundation on a very dehydrated peeling skin will not look great.

Tip #2

Having on-site hair and makeup services in Bora Bora is not an option as most hotels are located on private island. I will do the travel and you start to relax and enjoy!


Tip #3

If you want to have perfect lips during the entire day I will advice you to bring your own lipstick as you will kiss it off during the ceremony, and you'll likely need other touchups throughout the day after all of those adorable kissing photos you're going to take!


Tip #4

Have hairstyle  and makeup pictures ideas that you like ready with you. Even better send them to me before hand  so I can start picturing your look.


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