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About Me

"Nothing feels better than hearing a client say she has never felt more beautiful than she did on her wedding day. I am passionate about my work, and it is my privilege to assist you in perfecting one of the most crucial elements on your wedding day …. YOU"

Ia orana and congratulations on your engagement!



My name is Aurélie Caron but also known as "Lily", I am French and passionate about the beauty industry. I cumulated over 15 years experience in 4 different countries and i have worked with hundreds of brides. I trained in a beauty school in Paris and left to work in London, Sydney and now in beautifull Bora Bora.


I created Bora Bora Bridal Beauty 5 years ago to let you sit back and soak in the excitement of getting married in a dream location. 


If you are planning your dream wedding in French Polynesia and especially in Bora Bora, I am here to make the perfect wedding day look for you and your bridal party.


I love weddings, and when I first began styling I fell in love with creating personalized looks for brides on their big day. I love bridal styling because it is fun, personal, creative and fulfilling. 






If you can imagine it, I can create it!

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